When a good sleep extends all day


Sometimes lazy weekends are great and they allow people to refuel. I thought a nice ride or walk along the beach would be nice this weekend, but in the end, my daughter and I decided to stay indoors mostly and utilise our sunny yard! There are some weekends where things are overbooked and this is ... [ Read More ]

The quiet night time pondering


The things people do at night probably varies so much, but at some time in the night, even if it is only for a short time, many people would enter quiet night pondering. This is when thoughts take over and your time is spent thinking about whatever your mind thinks about and it is probably the ... [ Read More ]

Still bored in the bedroom?


Of course there are boring books to read to fix the 'being bored in the bedroom problem', but the answer is in doing something away from the bedroom scene and with your partner. I would suggest saying to your partner: "Let's do something you want to do today and tomorrow or next weekend we will do ... [ Read More ]

Aussie females love pyjamas in winter


A current survey has revealed that when winter hits in Australia, women love to buy new wintery pyjamas to get them through! Every month, on average about 248,000 Australians are buying women's sleep-wear. This survey was conducted by Roy Morgan Research between April 2010 and March 2015. However, ... [ Read More ]

What is the best sleeping posture?


What is your preferred p.m. pose? Whether it be different variations of your back, side, or stomach, some sleeping positions are better than others for a variety of reasons. Learn the pros and cons of each sleeping position and how they affect your posture and overall health. Thanks to ... [ Read More ]

Five sure ways to ruin a good sleep


1. Have worries in your head. 2. If you have had an argument and it is unresolved. 3. If you have eaten sugary, processed foods quite late. 4. A late afternoon nap! 5. A restless partner! How to help combat these issues: 1. Write your worries down so they are not in your head. 2. Say sorry ... [ Read More ]

Sleep to the rescue

There are ways sleep comes to the rescue; some of the more obvious places includes: 1. the train 2. the plane 3. the bus 4. the car Some of the less popular by choice places: 1. the toilet 2. your desk at work 3. your school desk 4. a wedding 5. a funeral 6. when someone is talking to you ... [ Read More ]

Why can’t people sleep


There are so many reasons why people can’t sleep and while we all hear how important sleep is – this constant reminder is not helping the: “I must sleep” mantra that people continuously think about! And of course sleep is important and there have been a myriad of tests to prove this, however, there ... [ Read More ]

Fisher Post


Well, what an inspiration: the Huffington Post and not to mention the founder Arianna Huffington. The Huffington Post was founded in May 2005. Arianna, is a Greek-American Author, and has had her fair share of political involvement, however, is most known for news website the Huffington Post. I have ... [ Read More ]

The Relationship Between Sex And Sleep


The Relationship Between Sex And Sleep written by: Nicole Miller There has been a lot debate concerning the relationship between sex and sleep. Although most people believe that there is relationship between the two, there are some who believe that sleep and sex do not have any relationship at ... [ Read More ]

Money worries


Money worries   Let’s face it - money ruins marriages, causes huge amount of stress and this doesn’t stop when we sleep. We don’t worry all day and then sleep about being the king of a castle! No, it grabs us and consumes us day and night so if we want to dream about it raining money we need to ... [ Read More ]

Sleep life away


Sleep life away   Sometimes if you continually wake up too late and start your day it might seem like you sleep your life away or your day away at least. However, if you are on holidays give yourself a break – this is healthy. Some families have pyjama days and this means everyone stays ... [ Read More ]

Bullying in schools


The worries children hold If we are okay then our children will be okay. If we show children how to respect friends and treat them, then hopefully children will follow our good example. I hear so many stories about kids being cruel to other kids. Children see bullying as power and they think this is ... [ Read More ]