Some Simple Tips to Not Waking Up Tired

Some Simple Tips to Not Waking Up Tired By Jerald Fetch Waking up in the morning is the one thing most people probably hate. It is simple, who wants to wake up from doing the most relaxing thing you can possibly do? However, there are some tips that you can follow to make sure waking up does not ... [ Read More ]

10 things that happen at night


10 things that happen at night   While you are sleeping so many things are happening: 1. babies are born 2. people die 3. accidents 4. people are working 5. rodents and animals run wild 6. toothbrushes wait 7. people are roaming 8. people are eating 9. people are waking 10. people are crying ... [ Read More ]

The common-sense quandary??


The common sense quandary ?? To some the word 'common-sense' brings up too much ambiguity and I agree. However, there are only so many rules and guidelines that we have to assume most people's common sense is a helpful additive to such rules and guidelines. Recently on the news driving and eating ... [ Read More ]

Whatever happened to natural sleep

Whatever happened to natural sleep Guest Post In 2011, the NHS dished out a whopping 15,300,000 prescriptions for sleeping pills. The most popular drugs are Zopiclone (5.4 million pescriptions) and Temezapam (2.8 million prescriptions). The chances are that you’ve heard of them and, in many cases, ... [ Read More ]

How To Wake Up Early Without The Alarm


Become The Early Bird Who Catches The Worm - How To Wake Up Early Without The Alarm By Nelson Berry One of the hardest habits to develop is that of waking up early. In fact, if not for the alarm, this habit may be close to impossible for a lot of people. And for some, even if they have already ... [ Read More ]

REM sleep

Rapid Eye Movement REM or rapid eye movement occurs in stages 3 and 4 of our sleep cycle. This is where are deep sleep occurs. For the best response it is best our children wake us when we are in between REM cycles! The first stage is a light sleep and we wake easily during this time. Within 10 ... [ Read More ]

Bedwetting in older children

Reassure your child they will grow out of it Bedwetting in school-age children can be hard on the child and the parents.  It is important to reassure the child that bedwetting is normal and it is nothing to fear. And most importantly it will definitely stop and it is important to keep the ... [ Read More ]

10 reasons why you can’t sleep


1.  your mind is busy 2.  you are angry 3.  you are hungry 4.  you are too tired 5.  you are not in the mood to sleep 6.  noises are keeping you awake 7.  you are anxious 8.  you are crying 9.  you are homesick 10. you often have sleep issues ... [ Read More ]

Allergies make you feel horrible

Allergies make you feel horrible So many people have allergies and there are lots of antihistamines available now, but for some this only takes the edge off the symptoms. An allergy is an abnormal reaction towards a normally harmless substance. I  sneeze up to 10 times, several ... [ Read More ]

Hot water bottle bursts


Next time Mum says use the new hot water bottle and not the old one, that is brittle, you might listen if it means not waking up to a burst water bottle at 1am! There are great things about winter and that is being warm and cosy and once that is achieved there is nothing nicer. However, when we go ... [ Read More ]

Pencil It In And Remember. Remember!

Pencil It In And Remember. Remember! Now, people seem to fall into the trap of commercial buying for an occasion noted in all calendars. Easter Sunday goes chocolate crazy, despite chocolate not being a huge relevance to the day; Mothers and Father’s day results in a soar in cards that wind up in ... [ Read More ]

Tired scale balance


Tired scale balance   When people are constantly turning up tired at work and then sleeping around the place whilst at work – how healthy can these practices be?? We do not make good choices when we are tired. So if we are tired sometimes we become more tired and it is a sliding ... [ Read More ]

How do the accused sleep?


Accused wife killer Gerard Baden-Clay is likely to find out tomorrow whether he will be charged with his wife’s murder. How will Baden-Clay sleep tonight? Does an accused murderer find it hard to sleep? Allison Baden-Clay's body was found on a creek bank in Brisbane's west on April 30, 2012, 10 ... [ Read More ]