My head space after kids in bed


1. Did I praise enough today? 2. Did we eat healthy enough today? 3. Did I handle the issues properly? 4. Do they know that I love them? I did just say it? 5. I said the wrong thing today. 6. I was frustrated a lot. 7. Did I really listen to my kids and their stories? 8. Did I appreciate ... [ Read More ]

My daughter is not herself

Are you worried about your child/teen? Are the following thoughts familiar? My son is not himself I can see it in her eyes as I say good night She seems uneasy He is always cranky now When kids/teenagers change and it is sudden and you have crossed out basic causes (including growth ... [ Read More ]

7 Benefits of Sleep


7 Benefits of Sleep By Gerber De Lange Many of us want to sleep as little as possible. There is so much to do that sleep can seem like a waste of time. Yet sleep, an essential time of rest and rejuvenation, benefits our minds and bodies in many ways. Everyone knows the downside of not getting ... [ Read More ]

How to wake up fresh


Who wouldn’t like to bounce out of bed and splash water on their face while smiling from ear to ear? Well, this can be achieved, but you have to do more than go to bed at a good time! Happy sleep habits don’t just happen – you have to make them happen: 1. eat vegetables and fruit every day 2. ... [ Read More ]

I am sick of people saying I look tired


Why do people point out the obvious – is it to be helpful – I don’t think so! * you’re late * you look tired * you look terrible If people say something negative to you – it doesn’t have to ruin your day or make you feel like you do look terrible or tired or horrible. Try and shut the comments ... [ Read More ]

Sizzling sex!


Now that I have your attention! 10 boring facts about sleep! 1. we need it 2. we can look like we need it 3. it is free 4. it is peace 5. broken sleep is agonising 6. sleep backwards is peels (sleep is the unpeeling of eyelids!) 7. it requires the closing of eyes 8. we can ... [ Read More ]

10 reasons why you can’t sleep


1.  your mind is busy 2.  you are angry 3.  you are hungry 4.  you are too tired 5.  you are not in the mood to sleep 6.  noises are keeping you awake 7.  you are anxious 8.  you are crying 9.  you are homesick 10. you often have sleep issues ... [ Read More ]

My first time


My first time   Some people still share a bed together for the first time after getting married. For some this is not even an issue, however, for others it could become their biggest. Two people whom have never spent the night together and now are married have to merge two ways of going to ... [ Read More ]

10 complicated sleep thoughts


The sleep team: Sleep is quite simple in so many ways, however, very complicated also!! 1.  It is free or you can pay a fortune! 2.  Sleep can be done almost anywhere if you dare! 3.  Sleep is a personal achievement for some and for some not an achievement at all! 4.  Some do ... [ Read More ]

How To Wake Up


The Most Popular Articles on How To Wake Up Early and Not Feel Tired The most popular group of search engine terms used to find this blog are not about sleeping but rather, waking up! More specifically, “how to wake up early” or “how to wake up without an alarm clock”. With this in mind I ... [ Read More ]

Making Sense Of Sleep

Making Sense Of Sleep Guest Post In a country where fast food joints like Jack-in-the-Box are open 24 hours a day, nightlife is an insanely booming industry, and we just can’t start our day without our cup of Starbucks, it’s a no-brainer that getting a full night’s sleep is not exactly our ... [ Read More ]

Kids activities after school


Night time activities for kids can be good because it means the days are left free, but nights become late and kids become tired and adults too! When kids are overloaded this can effect their growth mentally and physically. Makes sure your child is not as busy as Johnny: Monday afternoon – ... [ Read More ]

My favourite children’s book


My favourite children's book (at the moment!) 'The Dancing Tiger' by Malachy Doyle and paintings by Steven Johnson and Lou Fancher. I thought now was a good time (long weekend) to tell you all about my favourite children's book and hopefully remind you all of the importance of reading to your ... [ Read More ]

Dreaming of longer legs!!!!


Dreaming of longer legs!!!! Isn't dreaming a bizarre thing. There are books explaining each dream, but they are not in our heads...scary thought! Then there is the oh you dream every night but just can't remember. Or dreams are our overactive brains sorting stuff out.  Or if you dream ... [ Read More ]

Can’t sleep??!!

Portrait of beautiful young lovers in bed

Welcome and thanks for reading. I love to write and I love to not sleep - so I thought what a perfect combination. No, really I do enjoy sleep, I like to use sleep in a positive way...and not: "Ohh you look terrible...didn't you get much sleep?" I just think there are so many great things about ... [ Read More ]

I am too tired for grammar


Grammar and sleep; it is nearly as confusing as sleep itself! Grammar in general is easier to learn when you get a good night’s sleep. Sleep may help you learn those tricky grammar rules. Findings indicate the importance of alternating periods of learning with sleep when complex information must be ... [ Read More ]

10 sleep things we would love to know


Sometimes we have nothing to compare our lives to and we wonder if what we do is right or if there is a better way? Does going to bed early make you healthy, wealthy and wise? Some people seem to have it all sorted – or do they? There is so much misinformation out there – the answer is we have to ... [ Read More ]

10 things to understand about sleep

1. we need it 2. It is safe 3. your body recuperates during sleep 4. sleep helps with all health issues 5. sleep is a peaceful time 6. to sleep effectively is a skill 7. waking up is beautiful 8. sleep is being clean and warm 9. sleep is escaping for a while 10. sleep is what most new ... [ Read More ]