Improving things in the Bedroom


Improving things in the Bedroom

written by: alvarion

Improving things in the BedroomOf late, your sex life hasn’t been very exciting. You and your spouse have fallen into a rut and you have absolutely no idea how you will get out. You want to have a great sex that’s exciting to both of you, but things have fallen flat. If this does sound like your situation, then it’s time to fix it. Sex is an important part of any marriage and you ought to have it if you want things work for you. In this article, we will give you a few easy to apply tips for improving things in the bedroom.

Introduce new things

One way through which you can improve your sex life is by introducing new things in your bedroom. A good way to spice things up is to play a little game. There are all sorts of little games in sex stores. It’s an amazing bonding moment and this game will help both of to get out of the boundaries that you’ve created. Introducing some food stuff into the bedroom can without doubt improve things in the bedroom too. This is an excellent way to get your romance back which will start giving you more ideas on how you can improve your love life.

Exercise to combat erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be frustrating to most couples. But, there’s help for impotency problems, and exercise can be key to a healthy sex life. Lack of exercise is the main characteristic of men with erectile dysfunction, and embarking on a workout program has been shown to combat erectile dysfunction. Exercise makes your body more sensitive to insulin, one of the body’s natural stimulants of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is the body chemical that’s responsible for healthy erections.

Resolve problems when they arise

Another way to improve things in the bedroom is to resolve problems with your partners. You are a couple in love and so you are going to argue from time to time. But, being frustrated with your partner does not have to be destructive, provided you know how to resolve the fight. One of you needs to acknowledge his or her mistake. Discuss it openly without but putting blame on your partner. Also learn to forgive. A critical tool for any successful marriage is being able to forgive your spouse. Clinging on to the past mistakes can hurt you both physically and emotionally.

Speak up in the bedroom

Sexual communication in any relationship is critical for any successful relationship. If you asked your spouse what their favorite color and food was on your first date, asking them what they like in bed shouldn’t be a problem. Some partners like talking dirty, some like to just role play in bed, some have sexual fetishes, while others like to swing or to participate in exhibitionism as well as public flashing. All of these things are acceptable provided it is fun for both partners.

Go on romantic dates

Did you know that well-planned, romantic dates can set the stage for joyful endings? Going on a romantic date from time to time is vital for a successful, happy marriage. Take turns planning your dates in order to experience new things. The more you expose new things to each other, the more you are likely to be aroused by your spouse once you get home. Be sure to save time for the romantic activities outside your bedroom such as beach walks, candle-lit dinners, as well as cuddling up to watch movies.

Expand your location

We all know that a bed is where all the magic takes place, but it is vital to switch up your space a little bit. It is easy to get into a habit of sex before sleeping, but that too can also get boring. Choose a different spot in the house such as pool table or even a swimming pool. You can also masquerade as a tourist in your city and take your spouse out for a night stay. If your budget allows, nothing says spontaneous like the weekend tour to a romantic spot.

When there is no spark in the bedroom, your marriage suffers. The good news is that it’s never too late to turn things up the notch. Do not waste one more time wishing things were better in your bedroom, change it today.


Don’t Let Your Dog Sleep Around

Don’t Let Your Dog Sleep Around – Buy a Designer Dog Bed

By Linda Beckemeyer

Dont Let Your Dog Sleep AroundCockapoo, Peekapoo, Labradoodle, Puggle and Schnoodle are just a few of the names given by dog owners to the puppies of an unscheduled night on the town. Gone are the newspaper ads reading “puppies – free to a good home”. Dog owners are quick to assign one of these fancy breed names as if they are A.K.C. certified and charge top dollar for the puppies that were once considered “mutts”. They are now considered “Designer Dogs” and fetch as much money as the purebreds.

Most of us have or have had a “Designer Dog” (mutt) in the past and they are great dogs, usually healthier, more lovable and more even tempered than their pure bred counterparts. They are actually are worth every penny that we pay.

Since we now pay top dollar for these “lovable mutts”, one could only assume that they are worth spending a little extra money on to get them a designer dog bed. On those cold winter nights, you wouldn’t want your best friend sleeping on the hard floor, or shedding on your new sofa. Buying a top quality bed for him may be the only way he will stop sleeping around.

A warm soft bed is a win-win for you and your dog. As tempting as it may be to visit the new bitch down the block, he is not going to leave his comfortable bed to head out through the doggie door and tunnel under the back fence.

Don’t let your dog sleep around. Get him his own designer dog bed and he will want to stay home at night. You don’t want to be responsible for tomorrow’s newspaper ads reading “Labracockerbulldoodlepitt designer puppies for sale”.

Linda Beckemeyer is the owner of American Dog Beds. See her designer dog bed collection including bolster dog bed and donut dog bed styles.

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The Relationship Between Sex And Sleep

The Relationship Between Sex And Sleep

written by: Nicole Miller

The Relationship Between Sex And SleepThere has been a lot debate concerning the relationship between sex and sleep. Although most people believe that there is relationship between the two, there are some who believe that sleep and sex do not have any relationship at all. This begs the question, is there a relationship between sex and sleep? Yes, there is a relationship between sex and sleep. However, this relationship is not the way most people think it is. It is more complicated.

Can sex make you sleep better?

Studies have shown that sex can help to improve sleep. However, the effectiveness of sex in sleep improvement hugely depends on what is making you lose your sleep in the first place. Several studies that have been done among heterosexual couples have shown that most men sleep immediately after sex. For women, the effect of sex is the opposite of what happens to men in most cases.

There are a couple of things that women can do if they want sex to help them sleep better. Some of the things that they should do include;

1. Engage in physical maneuvers and have good conversations full of humor before sex.

2. Have sex some time before bedtime. This can help a woman sleep well when the right time to go to bed comes.

Is it possible to have sex while sleeping?

Yes, it is possible to have sex while sleeping. This is sometimes referred to as ‘sexsomnia’. However, the phenomenon of having sex while physically asleep occurs among people who use drug or sleep poorly. People who have sexsomnia don’t remember what they did in most cases. It is all just like a dream to them.

Although there are many people who believe that sexsomnia is not real, its just an excuse that two people who want to have sex but don’t want to talk about it use, scientific studies hint that it is something that can happen. This is because when awake or asleep, people usually get into different states of consciousness throughout the 24 hours of a day. Therefore, it is highly possible to have sex while thinking that it is something that is not happening for real. This explains why people have micro sleeps while driving.

Having sex while asleep is not recommended for obvious reasons. It can lead you to a place that you did not want to be in the first place. Here are some things that you can to prevent sexsomnia;

1. Keep yourself way from the bottle;

Booze usually awakes the desire to have sex in the subconscious mind. When you are high, you can have real sex while thinking that it is dream. Many babies have been conceived by drunken parents.

2. Condition yourself to sleep

To sleep well, you have to condition yourself to sleep every day. Create a regular and predictable sleeping pattern. Sleep and wake up at the same time every day. This is particularly important to people who have experience d sleep walking in the past. A fixed sleeping and wake up time is possible even for those who work in shifts. Don’t have sex when you are supposed to be deep asleep.

3. Watch how you take the sleeping pills

The sleeping pills have led many people to sexsomnia. You should always jump right into bed and sleep after taking the sleeping pills. Don’t take the pill go for sex. If you do that, you will probably be partially asleep during the act. If you want to have sex, have it first before taking a sleeping pill.

Sex can really improve sleep in both men and women. However, you should not depend on sex alone to get a good sleep. There are many other things that you can do to improve your sleep. For example, taking a warm bath before going to bed can be really helpful especially if you sweat a lot.

The bottom line

Sex and sleep do have a relationship. Their relationship depends on timing and the things you do before and after sex. When you do things correctly, sex will always help you have better sleep. When you do things the wrong way, sex will not help you in any way as far as sleep is concerned. These two things often need each other and they can really work well together.

Kids bed comforters

Kids bed comforters


Kids bed comfortersBabies and kids have comforters and sometimes adults get annoyed because the children become reliant on the comforters. The only way a baby or child can get a comforter is if an adult/carer allows it and nurtures the reliance. To make matters not so urgent if the comforter is lost or destroyed make sure:

1. You purchase more than one comforter – if it is a flannelette sheet for example – cut it up into huggable sections for replacements!

2. If it is a particular teddy – make sure you have 2 or 3 – because these have to last many years! (loved dearly for up to 8-10 years and then stored forever!)

3. Have rules about where the comforter is allowed to go. We lost my daughter’s teddy at the shops and our rule from then on was comforters were to stay in the car or at home! Of course if the child is on holidays the comforter must go – just take very good care of it!

One of the most famous security blankets is that owned by Linus from the Peanuts. He resisted all attempts by his friends and family to get rid of it and would become weak and dizzy if it was only in the wash for a short time. Snoopy tried every trick in the book to take it from him as in the classic clip below:

Money worries

Money worries


Money worriesLet’s face it – money ruins marriages, causes huge amount of stress and this doesn’t stop when we sleep. We don’t worry all day and then sleep about being the king of a castle! No, it grabs us and consumes us day and night so if we want to dream about it raining money we need to change our daily activities.

Buy a cheap exercise book and in it write a list about your money concerns: a bill list; a needs list; and the big one:


1. Maintain your super account and make sure it is working for you. Consolidate all of your super accounts into one.

2. Make sure you are taking advantage of money savings on your bank accounts and super accounts.

3. Even if it is only $5 or $10 save this every pay and pay yourself.

4. Make sure the whole family contributes to money saving ways. Take lunches to school work everyday, except Friday for example. And the family could have a garage sale.

5. There are many rewards and shop-a-dockets out there – but use these wisely.

6. Take drinks when you go out with the family and do some home baking and cut down on packaged foods.

7. Don’t pretend to others that you have money and go in further debt. There are more people with money worries than you can imagine!

8. Find things around the house that need to go – sell or give away. Being generous to others will help when you are feeling money deprived.

9. Limit your coffee purchases.

10. Have at home movie nights.

The secret to money is being organised and knowing what your money is doing for you and then it is easy to see if one area is failing you – then be brutal and change it. There are so many ways to make a difference, but we often don’t see these when we are just seeing money worries. Money worriesMoney worriesMoney worries