How the rich and famous sleep


Well, unless they have a nanny, which they probably do, I think they sleep just like us! I know we look up to these rich and famous people, however, they really are just human! Money can buy every sleep aid available and every appointment at the sleep specialist, the highest thread count of ... [ Read More ]

No more sleeping on it – I am leaving


Unfortunately we all know people involved in relationship breakdowns and the hope is not always that people get back together, but more importantly, they look after themselves and be the best person they can be. The most common words I hear from friends who have gone through a relationship ... [ Read More ]

May I have an affair please?


If we asked whether having an affair or not was okay would this make life a little easier? At least if your partner asked you if it was okay you could take it a few ways: Way 1: Relieved that you have a chance to change things in the marriage before it is too late. Way 2: Relieved that you got ... [ Read More ]

Samantha Armytage has all-round advice


Samantha Armytage, the 37-year-old Chanel 7 Sunrise host, has been in the media spot light more than ever since she took over from Melissa Doyle nearly 18 months ago. Melissa Doyle’s book, Alphabet Soup: My Life On and Off the Screen (Allen & Unwin, $29.95), has been on the shelves since April ... [ Read More ]

Sleep is so personal


Up until recently, I just realised how personal sleep really is, however, society has and continues to delve into people’s sleeping lives. Is this why people aren’t honest about their sleep because it is so personal? And while sleep doesn’t seem as crucial as life’s other hurdles like finding ... [ Read More ]

Newborn boy left in drain

Yesterday in Sydney’s west, a one-day old newborn baby was left in a drain for five days and he is in critical condition. His 30-year-old mother has been charged with attempted murder and remains in custody and will appear at Penrith’s Court on Friday. Paediatrician Andrew McDonald said the ... [ Read More ]

Sleep to the rescue

There are ways sleep comes to the rescue; some of the more obvious places includes: 1. the train 2. the plane 3. the bus 4. the car Some of the less popular by choice places: 1. the toilet 2. your desk at work 3. your school desk 4. a wedding 5. a funeral 6. when someone is talking to you ... [ Read More ]

Why can’t people sleep


There are so many reasons why people can’t sleep and while we all hear how important sleep is – this constant reminder is not helping the: “I must sleep” mantra that people continuously think about! And of course sleep is important and there have been a myriad of tests to prove this, however, there ... [ Read More ]

News in review: Brisbane is a busy place


Prince Edward is in Brisbane at the moment and then the G20 – Brisbane is a busy place at the moment. His Royal Highness Prince Edward has arrived in Brisbane to commemorate 52 years of the Duke of Edinburgh's international award, a youth development program started by his father Prince Philip, ... [ Read More ]

People love the man repeller


I love writing for my blog and I am also always admiring other blogs and MAN REPELLER is a must to visit. Leandra Medine is the founder and has made a living by repelling men. Medine has 1.10 million fans on social media 2.6 million people read her website every month. She is considered more ... [ Read More ]

Viagra good for the heart too


Researchers are now saying the amazing blue pill used to treating impotence in men, by increasing blood flow to the penis, may also be the key to protecting the heart from cardiovascular diseases. There continues to be a lot of research on the link between erectile dysfunction and heart health as ... [ Read More ]

‘Gone Girl’ movie review


Drama, mystery and thriller, are the tags being given to the movie at cinemas now: ‘Gone Girl’. It is directed by David Fincher and the book and screenplay are by Gillian Flynn. Ben Affleck, who was Nick,  played the husband whose wife went missing and Rosamund Pike, was Amy, the wife. Nick had a ... [ Read More ]

Aussie jockey dies


Yesterday, apprentice jockey, Caitlin Forrest, suffered horrific injuries, which led to her death, when her mount Colla Voce fell, and she was hit by a pack of horses. Forrest, 19, who brought down three other horses during her fall, at a Murray Bridge Gold Cup near Adelaide, was reportedly ... [ Read More ]

kids doing too much after school


Does your son or daughter do too much? This is an important question to ask yourself and your child. If you as the parent can manage it financially and time wise and the child is happy to put in the effort and is still balancing the work/play balance – then what is the problem? Well, there is no ... [ Read More ]

Spend 10 minutes a day on sex


People don’t really talk about sex being less than ideal, but the reality is, like everything in life, it can’t be the best every time. However, what is important is that it is great some of the time. Having dinner out is sometimes the best night ever and other times okay and other times a disaster ... [ Read More ]

Australian nurse is a hero and Ebola free


An Australian nurse, thought to have the Ebola virus, has been cleared and now the focus can be on the amazing work Sue-Ellen Kovack has done, treating patients, in the Ebola hotspot Sierra Leone. The 56-year-old returned to Australia last weekend after being in Sierra Leone for a month as a Red ... [ Read More ]