How to teach kids sleep importance

This bedtime story by Mo Willems is for children just starting school and into their second or third school year. It is a fun and interactive story to help explain why we need sleep. Mo Willems has won six Emmy Awards for his writing. In the story the pigeon makes lots of excuses about not ... [ Read More ]

A solution for anxious sufferers


Shaz Fisher reports: Just like losing weight, breaking a bad habit, a drug addiction, breaking a negative cycle, anxious people can also follow a procedure that will assist them and give them relief and teach them to lead a better life. The tricky and almost terrible thing about anxiousness is ... [ Read More ]

Sick in bed


Rest and sleep   When you are home sick it is hard to just sleep all day sometimes – especially if you have a few things on your mind. Obviously if the jobs are strenuous it is out of the question, but if it is low key activity, you could probably do it around resting. It is the perfect time ... [ Read More ]

Listen to the car safety messages

Listen to the car safety messages   All motorists need to wake up to the safety warnings given by the Government, friends and family about car safety. The signs of fatigue include: yawning heavy eyes blurred vision reduced concentration If you experience these signs pull ... [ Read More ]

Byron Katie

The Little Book and The Work   Since 1986 Byron Katie has been offering her view of thoughts. I have just discovered the readings and every night before bed I read more and more. I am excited about discovering a way to challenge my thoughts. I will keep posting my thoughts and ... [ Read More ]

The cycle of bereavement


Sleep and love help people heal   Simple pleasures heal complex situations. Sleep is truly a blessing when the unfortunate happens. It is a time to switch off and rest and then face another day towards getting stronger. Love is also a simple pleasure that can help people heal. The two work ... [ Read More ]

Santa won’t come unless you are asleep

Santa won’t come unless you are asleep  pics on Sodahead Santa, the Easter Bunny and the tooth fairy keep the art of being a child special. What a magical time it is and the magic doesn’t take away the religious meanings. I have heard children chatting about whether ‘Santa’ is real or not and ... [ Read More ]

Goodnight texts and sms popularity


Good night texts and sms popularity Visit our goodnight text resource page When I first started this little blog about sleeping I thought that I could cover a huge variety of subjects that relating to sleeping, dreaming, waking up and living life. But it amazed me to discover that the most popular ... [ Read More ]

Body issues


Body issues   If we ordered a bed with a comfy, soft mattress and someone gave us a mattress of nails instead – we would say something right? Because our body would not benefit from sleeping on a bed of nails!! Scenario two – if we ordered food and said we want the burger without mayonnaise or ... [ Read More ]

Cute Messages For Everyone

Cute Messages For Everyone By Fatima Waheed Make someone's morning brighter, day joyful and fill someone's night with sweet dreams with cute messages. The cute SMS love message is sure to cheer up one's mood and will fix a constant smile on one's face throughout the day- imagine a day of hectic work ... [ Read More ]

Yellow balloons for Allison


Gerard Baden-Clay has no more waiting; this morning in Brisbane’s Supreme Court, the jury in the murder trial of Gerard Baden-Clay, found him guilty of murder and Justice Byrne sentenced Baden-Clay to life in jail. Baden-Clay, 43,  shook as he was sentenced and he continued this stance as he ... [ Read More ]

Some Simple Tips to Not Waking Up Tired

Some Simple Tips to Not Waking Up Tired By Jerald Fetch Waking up in the morning is the one thing most people probably hate. It is simple, who wants to wake up from doing the most relaxing thing you can possibly do? However, there are some tips that you can follow to make sure waking up does not ... [ Read More ]

Cartoon breakfast ads bad for kids


Kellogg's has been told to withdraw two television advertisements deemed to be marketing unhealthy food to children. The Obesity Policy Coalition complaint spokeswoman Jane Martin said the Coalition complained about Kellogg’s recent “fun facts” advertisement. She said Kellogg’s were in breach of the ... [ Read More ]

Just go to bed and sleep


The sleep team: Everything points at the fact that we can fight that five letter word SLEEP if we want, but if we do we will be: 1. moody 2. unhealthy 3. not as productive In a recent national poll people in the Western world are still struggling to get the required sleep. People in the United ... [ Read More ]

10 things that happen at night


10 things that happen at night   While you are sleeping so many things are happening: 1. babies are born 2. people die 3. accidents 4. people are working 5. rodents and animals run wild 6. toothbrushes wait 7. people are roaming 8. people are eating 9. people are waking 10. people are crying ... [ Read More ]