9 amazing things that happen after sleep


Often people say to those who are having a hard time: the sun will still rise tomorrow. I think this concept puts things into perspective and here are 9 more reasons to wake up excited! 1. When you wake it might be the best day you’ve ever had. 2. You will do things you have never done before. 3. ... [ Read More ]

A good brain needs 5 things


We are told we need to do this and that because of this and that, but when someone mentions the ‘b’ word, it becomes a little more serious. A good brain needs 5 things and if the brain is NOT getting these things, the body starts to show signs of wear and tear. So do these five things for your brain ... [ Read More ]

Naughty children don’t wet the bed


When children have night time accidents, it is not because they are being defiant or naughty. Punishing children for something they can’t help can be very detrimental for their development. Bed wetting stays with some families for years and handling the situation delicately is the most important ... [ Read More ]

Re-create your wheel of happiness


There are ways to be happy with whatever you have or don’t have, whomever you are with or not with and wherever you are or are not! People do not need to live their life by what is supposed to be or not be, people need to be who they need to be and do what feels right. Here is how you trust ... [ Read More ]

Why texting is never talking


A friend was telling me an in-depth story about a guy she met and how he was giving off negative signals and it was hard to read him and he seemed cold. I said to her: “Describe his face to me.” She said she couldn’t because she didn’t see his face. My friend hadn’t had a real conversation, she had ... [ Read More ]

Not tonight thanks


What is the best way to say no to intimacy and sex? Some couples develop a code or a word or a look, but others might need to be more tactful. It is very common for people to be on different wave lengths, so making sure communication lines are open is the key. What is vital, in whether you say yes ... [ Read More ]

The perfect choice for breakfast


When something is cheap, good for you and easy to prepare, it doesn’t get any better than that! Good, old fashioned porridge (rolled oats) is the perfect choice for breakfast and if you like it plain, you can have it plain or you could add cinnamon, nuts and seeds, honey, maple syrup, brown sugar ... [ Read More ]

Princess joy for Kate and Will


There was wonderful news this morning as the duchess gave birth at 8.34am (local time) to a baby girl weighing 3.7kg. The new royal princess will effect life in many special ways, but hands-on parents, Kate and Will, will suffer sleepless nights with the new born princess. Babies still require ... [ Read More ]

Immunisation hype


The Australian Government had made it just about impossible to receive any welfare payments and to choose to say no to immunise your child. Australian Medical Association President, Brain Owler, said vaccination remains to be one of the most effective public health measures Australia has. Last ... [ Read More ]

How to say goodnight after a fight


Whether it is your boyfriend, bf, husband, wife, Mum, Dad, daughter, son and the list goes on, to say ‘goodnight’ after a fight, is HARD!!!! In your head you are probably thinking: “I mean, why do they deserve it, they said and did horrible things.” But in reality, it takes two people to get off ... [ Read More ]

6 common misconceptions about sexting


1. If you love what you sext and understand the meaning, others will too! Sometimes it is a risk because people are not on the same wave length as you. Play it safe for a while before you become too cryptic or sexual. 2. It has to be unromantic. Here is a romantic example: I loved watching you in ... [ Read More ]

Seven ways to manage holiday bed time


Holiday bed time is fun because kids can stay up without parents stressing about the school routine, but just like holidays end, so does the holiday bed time! Here are seven ways to keep holiday bed time, a positive experience: 1. Call it holiday bed time so the kids realise it's only during the ... [ Read More ]

Will and Kate’s second arrival due soon

Busier than ever and on maternity leave now, the world awaits the arrival of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s second child. Whether Kate is pregnant, her style is always immaculate and this is what we have grown to enjoy. Middleton has been seen with a rather impressive baby bump and while it ... [ Read More ]

The miracle seven letter sleep word


Let’s face it, we are busy, working, playing and sleeping, working, playing and sleeping, so I will keep this blog short. There is a seven letter word and this word is the secret to sleep issues and diet issues and issues about absolutely everything. We hear this word all of the time and we don’t ... [ Read More ]

Stop waking-up with negative thoughts


If you have had a bad day and a few negative things have happened or one major one, it is hard to wake up the next day and bounce out of bed. This is because: 1. You feel like a failure. 2. Everything is a mess. 3. You think you’ve ruined everything. To help, kick start our mind we need to think ... [ Read More ]

Five ways to move on with your thoughts


We often get stuck on certain thoughts and we cannot shift them and there are plenty of books out there telling us how to do it. I have found, through personal research and experience, that there are five main ways to combat negative and unwanted thoughts: 1. Just don’t think of it. 2. Are you ... [ Read More ]