Sleeping in the car

Sleeping in the car     While young drivers are high risk drivers. Experienced drivers are all at risk because of their attitude and their ignorance at times due to driving repetition. I find it hard to fall asleep as a passenger knowing the risks involved. As the passenger I can also help ... [ Read More ]

Nasty good night texts


Nasty good night texts   You should also visit our good night text resources page If you are inclined to send nasty good night texts or any nasty texts for that matter – save a draft first before you send it. Then think for a moment: 1. Is this the best way to get your message across? 2. Are ... [ Read More ]

Golinski tackles WACape2Cape


Golinski tackles WACape2Cape Matt Golinski, briefly spoke tonight on Channel 7’s Today Tonight, since the Boxing Day fire in 2011, at his home on the Sunshine Coast, Qld, which killed his wife and 3 daughters. Image source Celebrity chef, Matt, is waiting on surgery and writing a cook book, but ... [ Read More ]

How much do you ignore?

There are many things kids do in a day which require discipline and sometimes the discipline is silence from the parent and they choose to ignore something as a strategy (unfortunately ignoring everything backfires!). Here are a possible 5 things you could ignore if the issue does not keep ... [ Read More ]

Hot water bottle bursts


Next time Mum says use the new hot water bottle and not the old one, that is brittle, you might listen if it means not waking up to a burst water bottle at 1am! There are great things about winter and that is being warm and cosy and once that is achieved there is nothing nicer. However, when we go ... [ Read More ]

Pencil It In And Remember. Remember!

Pencil It In And Remember. Remember! Now, people seem to fall into the trap of commercial buying for an occasion noted in all calendars. Easter Sunday goes chocolate crazy, despite chocolate not being a huge relevance to the day; Mothers and Father’s day results in a soar in cards that wind up in ... [ Read More ]

What you know for sure


What you know for sure   There are some things we know 100% for sure. So when we are ready to put the day to rest - we know some things for sure the next day. We know if we go to sleep, like we have before, there will be a new beginning when we wake. So many things are uncertain in life which ... [ Read More ]

Tired scale balance


Tired scale balance   When people are constantly turning up tired at work and then sleeping around the place whilst at work – how healthy can these practices be?? We do not make good choices when we are tired. So if we are tired sometimes we become more tired and it is a sliding ... [ Read More ]

Please send me a good night text


Please send me a good night text You should also visit our good night text resources page Everyone sits around a table and talks about the sweet good night texts or cute good night texts or sexy good night texts they receive, but you sit there wondering why your partner doesn’t send you one. Image ... [ Read More ]

Text me when you wake


‘Text me when you wake’ is just as terrible as ‘I will text you when I wake’. This is what someone might text their Mum or friend if something significant was happening the next day, but this is not the sort of text people in relationships text. What does: “text you when I wake” mean? Does it ... [ Read More ]

How do the accused sleep?


Accused wife killer Gerard Baden-Clay is likely to find out tomorrow whether he will be charged with his wife’s murder. How will Baden-Clay sleep tonight? Does an accused murderer find it hard to sleep? Allison Baden-Clay's body was found on a creek bank in Brisbane's west on April 30, 2012, 10 ... [ Read More ]

Good Night SMS Message


Good Night SMS Message written by: jopetttz The act of sending good night quotes is nothing but cute and sweet. By doing so, you are able to make the recipient extra special or at the very least recognized as someone who exists and matters. Just think about it; how would you feel if you were the ... [ Read More ]

Self-Improvement Starts With Waking Up Early

Self-Improvement Starts With Waking Up Early By Blair Middleton If you've ever picked up a self help book only to leave it gathering dust in the dark corners of your bookshelf, then you know how hard it can be to take on any self improvement task. Whether it's breaking bad habits, creating good ... [ Read More ]

Kids activities after school


Night time activities for kids can be good because it means the days are left free, but nights become late and kids become tired and adults too! When kids are overloaded this can effect their growth mentally and physically. Makes sure your child is not as busy as Johnny: Monday afternoon – ... [ Read More ]

Ways you might be ruining your sleep

The worst ten mistakes you might be making   1. eat a large meal or drink lots just before bed 2. your sleeping spot is too stimulating for your mind 3. you just lie there and suffer 4. alcohol, coffee or cigarettes just before bed 5. you might be too busy and therefore you sleep ... [ Read More ]

Smile and think only nice things


To smile and think only nice things and be in the moment is hard…really hard. Thinking that this is hard to do is quite ridiculous, but it is. I found a website about opening your heart and there are a few meditation/relaxation exercises and only positive can come out of them. What I thought after ... [ Read More ]