How to teach kids sleep importance

This bedtime story by Mo Willems is for children just starting school and into their second or third school year. It is a fun and interactive story to help explain why we need sleep. Mo Willems has won six Emmy Awards for his writing. In the story the pigeon makes lots of excuses about not ... [ Read More ]

How to stay awake when you feel tired


How to stay awake when you feel tired   Of course it depends where you are and whether you can have a quick shut eye, but if you cannot try some of these suggestions: 1. hold your eyes open 2. shake your arms and legs 3. Get some fresh air 4. move around 5. engage in conversation with someone ... [ Read More ]

Understanding Dreams And Their Messages

By Christina Sponias Many people still ignore how important the meaning of dreams really is because there are too many impostors pretending to be able to decipher the dream messages. The global ignorance about the importance of dreams is the result of numerous distortions based on suppositions. ... [ Read More ]

Sleeping kids provides rest for all

Brain rest for parents   THOSE parents who don’t use night-time as their sanctuary might be on brain over-drive! The amount of times we say our kid's names, tell them the answer to the world’s oil crisis or the like, say yes or no or maybe, help them do a million things, mentally, we ... [ Read More ]

Tricks for sleep


Tricks for sleep   When kids go away together or even a bunch of adults – a lot of us think about playing tricks while people sleep. Here a some fun ideas: 1. put a shower cap on their head 2. paint their toe nails 3. place a teddy with the person and take photos 4. If the bed is movable ... [ Read More ]

Pets and exercise and sleep


Pets and exercise and sleep    Pets are the biggest motivation for a healthy life. The human must take the initiative, however, it often isn’t too hard to motivate animals as they love attention. Dogs can learn at any age, and like humans, it’s just old habits that are hard to break!  ... [ Read More ]

Cheats good night texts


These are called cheats good night texts not because  people can’t be bothered thinking for themselves, but to help in the tricky world of dating. The first few suggestions are for a new kindling relationship: 1. Test the waters to see if he/she is available to text: I hope u r having a good ... [ Read More ]

Good Night and Good Morning Texts

Good Night and Good Morning Texts written by: Gerald01 Do you have a lover, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, or husband? You need cute messages to express your feelings and wishes towards them a good night sms or a good morning sms is a wonderful opportunity to show your loved ones that you care and ... [ Read More ]

3 Kinds of Mattresses to Consider

3 Kinds of Mattresses to Consider Choosing the right kind of mattress is important; because you want to make sure you get a good night’s sleep. Also, these items should last you for many years, so you don’t want to be stuck with an uncomfortable one. Luckily, there are a lot of different kinds of ... [ Read More ]

Farting in bed


Flatulence or farting in bed   The only kind of wind that should ever occur between the sheets is the fluttering of sheets. People laugh if they fart in the bed, however, really?? I forgive my pup only because she doesn’t know any better and she is on top of the sheets! It isn’t ... [ Read More ]

10 Tips for Better Sleep

10 Tips for Better Sleep Guest post - Heather Smith Some nights I just have a hard time sleeping. Sometimes I am too tired, sometimes I have too much on my mind, sometimes my allergies are acting up, and then sometimes I am just restless. I do not know about you, but when I do not get enough ... [ Read More ]

2012 London Olympic sleeping comforts


It is being called a home away from home Image Source With just 6 days to go Olympians from all over the world are settling in at their ‘home away from home’ for the 2012 London Olympics. The furnished apartments in the Athletes Village include beds that can be extended and mattresses that were ... [ Read More ]

Finding the perfect bed


The bed dilemmas Image source Most of us have beds and a lot of times we have new beds which we have sampled for 2 minutes at the shop! After talking to a friend today she said her and her husband were discussing the bed purchasing dilemma and that one couldn’t truly try before one bought! I ... [ Read More ]

Men need sleep to perform


YES and we mean in the bedroom. Men with poor sleeping patterns have very low levels of testosterone and this means: no sex please!!! It may also mean poor reproduction levels. Men are also unable to build enough strength through muscle mass and bone density if they suffer from low hormone levels ... [ Read More ]

Sunday night bed routine goes wrong again


Do you ever wonder why Sunday night is the only night your child can’t sleep. You say to yourself we had a big weekend, they go to bed earlier than normal, they are definitely tired. Then ask yourself what is different about Sunday as far as a parent is concerned. I know I believe Sunday is a good ... [ Read More ]

A solution for anxious sufferers


Shaz Fisher reports: Just like losing weight, breaking a bad habit, a drug addiction, breaking a negative cycle, anxious people can also follow a procedure that will assist them and give them relief and teach them to lead a better life. The tricky and almost terrible thing about anxiousness is ... [ Read More ]