Be real about your toddler’s nap


Yes toddlers need to take naps but be real about it. They can only nap if the environment is ‘nap friendly’! Some stop napping around 2 – 3 years and some around 5- 6  years. If your toddler sleeps extremely well at night and the day sleeps are small or non-existent – you may be happy with ... [ Read More ]

He/she doesn’t know text lingo


When you receive a good night text, good morning text, or anytime text and the person doesn’t use the correct text language – what does this mean? OMG! Are they not cool? Have they too much time on their hands? Do they strive to be an individual? Do they not like change? Can they not understand the ... [ Read More ]

Will and Kate exhausted


  Photo taken by a friend of mine at Brisbane’ s South Bank Parklands, Easter Saturday. When I think about spending a few hours with people that I have to impress and be on my best behaviour – just the thought is exhausting! William is used to being in the public eye, but I bet it is still ... [ Read More ]

My head space after kids in bed


1. Did I praise enough today? 2. Did we eat healthy enough today? 3. Did I handle the issues properly? 4. Do they know that I love them? I did just say it? 5. I said the wrong thing today. 6. I was frustrated a lot. 7. Did I really listen to my kids and their stories? 8. Did I appreciate ... [ Read More ]

Pistorius has bloody sleeps


PRETORIA, South Africa — South African athlete Oscar Pistorius was under cross-examination today during his trial for the shooting death of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. Pistorius, 27, said that on the day of Steenkamp's death he heard a sound in a bathroom near his bedroom and thought someone was ... [ Read More ]

Yes, I chose to be tired today


Life is full of choice and people can choose to be tired and doing the following 10 things means you are probably, either consciously or unconsciously, making that choice: 1. By not having a bed time routine 2. doing housework/baking 3. using your smart phone or computer 4. working 5. ... [ Read More ]

Who needs sleep?


Studies suggest that some people can function on very little sleep, but it is unclear whether these people would function better if they allowed themselves to get more. Getting thee hours or less is not going to allow people to function as best as they good. These people may be getting by, but ... [ Read More ]

What Is Lucid Dreaming?


For decades, neurologists have been interested in discovering the inner workings of the human brain, particularly brain activity as we sleep. As we fall unconscious, our brain continues to work and to develop pictures, ideas, and activities based on events we have experiences or external interests ... [ Read More ]

10 things we want to know


People can be so different and look and act so different, but ultimately we all want for the same things. We want to know we are doing our best We want to know we get enough sleep We want to know we eat the best way for our body We want to know we are loved and liked We want to know ... [ Read More ]

Shut off your mind and sleep


“Just sleep will you” I imagine people angrily saying to themselves. Be kind to your body – there is a reason it can’t sleep right now. And being stressed about it will not help. Help your body to understand what is going on. Possibly your life is more stressful or busy at the moment than normal ... [ Read More ]

The sex options


Sex is as complex any other human interaction. It involves emotions and communication and understanding and more. For some it just works without little thought, for others it doesn’t work at all and for most it works okay most of the time. Oh yes and there are the people who always talk about it ... [ Read More ]

I blog in my sleep


Well, the headline was catchy and that is important in a blog too! Now,when I wrote the headline saying I blog in my sleep – what I actually meant was I create ideas in and around sleep for my blog. I may have my head on my pillow and I think of a topic and I must, I repeat must write my idea down. ... [ Read More ]

Sleep is the answer to 10 problems


Sleep can solve so many problems and be the saviour you are looking for! Sleep is our tool to have a break, calm down, re-position ourselves; whatever the issue… sleep can help: Sleep can stop you craving food after dinner or that extra glass of wine Sleep can help you avoid an argument if you are ... [ Read More ]

He’s not that into you via text


Do you every read a text over and over and analyse was it good or bad? Then, over in your mind you say that bits were sweet, oh but it was sent late, but the tone was nice? Well guys and gals, I can honestly say if you get a text and you are alarmed that the person is using you, not that into you, ... [ Read More ]

5 healthy ideas for breakfast


Waking up and deciding what to eat at breakfast is an everyday question and I am sure these new ideas will be helpful. Is is best to avoid too much bread and too much dairy and of course sugar and salt. Avoiding the ‘bad stuff’ is not hard – just at first it requires different thinking. 1.low-fat ... [ Read More ]

My daughter is not herself

Are you worried about your child/teen? Are the following thoughts familiar? My son is not himself I can see it in her eyes as I say good night She seems uneasy He is always cranky now When kids/teenagers change and it is sudden and you have crossed out basic causes (including growth ... [ Read More ]

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie


Beds For Dogs - Let Sleeping Dogs Lie in Comfort By Jon Peirce Your dog's sleeping habits reflects yours. But instead of sleeping on a stretch, your dog takes several naps and the total number of sleep hours for a healthy dog is 14 hours. If he has gotten on with the years, he'll be sleeping ... [ Read More ]

7 Benefits of Sleep


7 Benefits of Sleep By Gerber De Lange Many of us want to sleep as little as possible. There is so much to do that sleep can seem like a waste of time. Yet sleep, an essential time of rest and rejuvenation, benefits our minds and bodies in many ways. Everyone knows the downside of not getting ... [ Read More ]

Do I Have Issues In The Bedroom?


Do I Have Issues In The Bedroom? By Dale Mazurek At the end of the day you will never know honestly if your actions in the bedroom have been satisfying for your partner. What you want to do is make sure you are doing your best and in this article I intend to help you a bit with these issues. ... [ Read More ]

Exercise like you go to the toilet


Call it luck or good genes, everyone’s luck runs out sooner or later. By ‘exercise like you go to the toilet’ I mean EXERCISE has to be part of your every day regime. And if you are not exercising - you are thinking about a healthier alternative or calling a TREAT A TREAT. At the end of the day ... [ Read More ]

Always Kiss Your Child Goodnight


Always Kiss Your Child Goodnight By Eleanor R Always kiss your children goodnight - even if they're already asleep. -- H. Jackson Brown, Jr. They are so sweet when they are sleeping. I used to go into their rooms and just look at them. My sister who is also in recovery told me how she ... [ Read More ]

Single Moms, Do You Give In?


Single Moms, Do You Give In? By Jessica Rector When you're a mom, sometimes you can't get anything done. Well, you can't get things done the way YOU want them done. As I sit my eight-month-old son down in the living room surrounded by his security gates, that rarely do as they're intended, I'm ... [ Read More ]