5 hard good night texts to receive

Sometimes receiving a text can be stressful; especially if you are wanting a particular response. 5 hard good night texts to receive: 1. Nothing when you expect an answer/response. 2. One word when you expect an explanation. 3. A no when you were hoping for a yes. 4.  And when you ... [ Read More ]

Baby girl hit by 4WD

CareFlight took a baby to hospital after being hit by her Father's 4WD in Sydney's South. About 2pm on Sunday it is believed the 13-month-old girl was hit by the 4WD in the driveway of a home at Engadine. A CareFlight spokesman said the girl's Father was washing the car and after he had ... [ Read More ]

Holiday late night addiction


When holidays end and the late nights have to as well, it may take some strict action! Of course we all like to think we can do whatever we want (and holidays are great for this), but really if we want to feel good most of the time and participate in the world with ease, we can’t. How to re-train ... [ Read More ]

Our 2014 Stats from JetPack


Crunchy numbers The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 370,000 times in 2014. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 16 days for that many people to see it. The busiest day of the year was August 19th with 4,282 views. The most ... [ Read More ]

Cute pillow love messages


The message could be a drawing of a heart or a heart chocolate or one, word, a short note or a letter and it could go under, on or in the pillow case. It could be for an anniversary, a birthday or just to show love. It could be for an adult, a child, a teenager; in fact, anyone. Who wouldn’t like to ... [ Read More ]

Eye-lashes hugging


Before your beautiful eyelashes hug each other I want to hug you and say goodnight! This is one sweet way of saying goodnight to anyone your care about; it is sweet and cute. Sometimes saying "goodnight" to kids can go on for a while as you call goodnight many times while walking down ... [ Read More ]

Fight after-dinner sleepiness


After a busy day and then a scrumptious meal, it is not unusual for some people to feel extremely sleepy. If you are also a person who doesn’t sleep well at night, you need to fight the sleepiness and go to bed at your regular bed time. If you give in to sleeping too early you may have trouble later ... [ Read More ]

The cheap orange juicer is the best


There are many different types of juices on the market and the more expensive ones are probably easier to use and clean. And the leftover pulp well there are plenty of recipes to put that to good use and not waste!!! However, if we don’t want healthy eating to be stressful because that is not good ... [ Read More ]

Santa’s good night text


Good night to all of the wonderful children in the world. I will be leaving something special for you all on Christmas morning (only two sleeps!). The gift symbolises how much your are loved and treasured. Please spread the love with hugs and smiles. All my love, Santa. xxx ... [ Read More ]

Christmas survival kit


It is Christmas and holiday season here in Australia and why is it such a stressful time for so many? Because giving isn’t stressful; it is so pleasurable. Oh because our lives can be mixed up with the incorrect feelings and knowing how to deal with yourself or others is sometimes hard. People also ... [ Read More ]

So many tragedies before Christmas

In Australia over the past week we have had some of the worst tragedies ever, in Sydney and in Cairns. There is no sense to be made regarding such tragic loss of life. Christmas can be such a stressful time for so many. People can feel lonelier than ever even though things are busier than normal. ... [ Read More ]

How the rich and famous sleep


Well, unless they have a nanny, which they probably do, I think they sleep just like us! I know we look up to these rich and famous people, however, they really are just human! Money can buy every sleep aid available and every appointment at the sleep specialist, the highest thread count of ... [ Read More ]

No more sleeping on it – I am leaving


Unfortunately we all know people involved in relationship breakdowns and the hope is not always that people get back together, but more importantly, they look after themselves and be the best person they can be. The most common words I hear from friends who have gone through a relationship ... [ Read More ]

May I have an affair please?


If we asked whether having an affair or not was okay would this make life a little easier? At least if your partner asked you if it was okay you could take it a few ways: Way 1: Relieved that you have a chance to change things in the marriage before it is too late. Way 2: Relieved that you got ... [ Read More ]

Samantha Armytage has all-round advice


Samantha Armytage, the 37-year-old Chanel 7 Sunrise host, has been in the media spot light more than ever since she took over from Melissa Doyle nearly 18 months ago. Melissa Doyle’s book, Alphabet Soup: My Life On and Off the Screen (Allen & Unwin, $29.95), has been on the shelves since April ... [ Read More ]

Sleep is so personal


Up until recently, I just realised how personal sleep really is, however, society has and continues to delve into people’s sleeping lives. Is this why people aren’t honest about their sleep because it is so personal? And while sleep doesn’t seem as crucial as life’s other hurdles like finding ... [ Read More ]