Clooney marries again


53-year-old George Clooney married 36-year-old Lebanese-British Lawyer, Amal Alamuddin, in Venice, on the weekend. And this is after he vowed never to take this road EVER again! Kentucky-born Clooney, who owes his stardom to the television series, ER, vowed never to remarry after his 1993 divorce ... [ Read More ]

46 days until G20 Summit Brisbane


Friday, November 14, 2014 is a one-off public holiday for people who work in the Brisbane local Government area, but more importantly, is the lead up to the G20 Summit.The G20 Leaders’ Summit is known as the world’s primary forum for global economic cooperation and decision making. The Summit will ... [ Read More ]

Look for the smiles when co-parenting


All those parents who co-parent these days can count their lucky stars; I co-parent and I think of all of the positive things my life now has: 1. A beautiful well-adjusted 10-year-old daughter. 2. A person I can still seek parenting advice from. 3. A better platform for discussion because ... [ Read More ]

Brisbane’s 2014 Climate change march


  Thousands of people from Brisbane took part in 2014 Climate Change march.   The People's Climate March is an international day of climate action, coinciding with the Ban Ki-Moon Emergency UN Climate Summit in New York, culminating in 2500 marches in 160 countries. The March just ... [ Read More ]

Fisher Post


Well, what an inspiration: the Huffington Post and not to mention the founder Arianna Huffington. The Huffington Post was founded in May 2005. Arianna, is a Greek-American Author, and has had her fair share of political involvement, however, is most known for news website the Huffington Post. I have ... [ Read More ]

She hit send in lover frustration


A friend was lying awake and she wanted to text a lover, but she knew she shouldn’t because the lover was with his wife and it was possible the phone was in their room. Julia was playing with the idea because she was cranky that her lover didn’t get another phone and number so she could text ... [ Read More ]

Oh you must go back to bed (for my sanity)


Sleeping and kids can be one of the hardest hurdles parents will face – yes even worse than the devious boyfriend or body piercing discussion! It would be great if as new parents (for the first five years) we didn’t actually need any sleep and we could get our kids sleep patterns sorted to ... [ Read More ]

How honest do you be?


Your friend is spending a lot of time with a new love interest and when your friend talks to you - is she just venting or do you give your personal opinion? Well, basically no, our opinions only relate to us, so be careful burdening someone else with your way of life. Friends are important and ... [ Read More ]

You did what with Mary?


Are you sometimes surprised what personal matters people tell you? Why would someone tell you the intimate details of their raunchy night? Are they telling you to help you with your sexual encounters or is it about them? Well, it is hard to say, but I know some of the things I hear I would not be ... [ Read More ]

Add good night nicknames for spice


Nicknames can make people feel special and be a happy sleep habit to adopt. Your could have a nickname for different occasions and moods! A special name can light up your partner’s face and make them feel loved and it could even spice things up! Below are 12 of the more popular nicknames: (if one ... [ Read More ]

Don’t let men just text


After reviewing some chatting sites, some women talk about men not texting as much as they did earlier on in the relationship. I think that is a good thing and it may mean your relationship has developed into more face-to-face contact and voice calls. The danger is when texting is the main ... [ Read More ]

Intruders while we sleep


“One night I heard a noise, but then went back to sleep and woke to my wife’s purse missing” – this was an advertisement I heard on the radio about a security camera ensuring night safety. People can be relaxed with locking up during the day, but more are conscious at night regarding the lock-up ... [ Read More ]

Find other options rude passengers


Going on holidays is expensive but it is worth it – a chance to get away after months of hard work. Well, watch out I say to the person who thinks you are going to sit upright on a long flight because they didn’t pay to fly business class! I read an article recently ... [ Read More ]

Rules for dogs in bed


The statistics are out and they do vary, depending on the survey, however, between 50 & 80% of people allow small dogs in bed! Like any good thing – there are rules: 1.   sheets must be washed weekly 2.   the dog is preferably on the small side 3.   no squeaky ... [ Read More ]

Cash cow morning call

It is the first Monday of September today and when I meet with my group of school Mums. We talk about many topics, but one that stood out today was about calling Channel 7’s Sunrise cash cow tomorrow morning. On channel 7 (Australian TV) every morning a minimum of $10,000 is given to a caller who ... [ Read More ]

5 sure ways to catch up on sleep


1. Turn your phone off- yes it will turn on in the morning. Or at the very least you must put it on silent. 2. Turn the TV off – this will keep you up unnecessarily. 3. Organise dinner early in the day – why not try putting on a slow cooker meal. You can put it on before you leave for work and in ... [ Read More ]

Improving things in the Bedroom


Improving things in the Bedroom written by: alvarion Of late, your sex life hasn't been very exciting. You and your spouse have fallen into a rut and you have absolutely no idea how you will get out. You want to have a great sex that’s exciting to both of you, but things have fallen flat. If this ... [ Read More ]