Improving things in the Bedroom


Improving things in the Bedroom written by: alvarion Of late, your sex life hasn't been very exciting. You and your spouse have fallen into a rut and you have absolutely no idea how you will get out. You want to have a great sex that’s exciting to both of you, but things have fallen flat. If this ... [ Read More ]

Don’t Let Your Dog Sleep Around


Don't Let Your Dog Sleep Around - Buy a Designer Dog Bed By Linda Beckemeyer Cockapoo, Peekapoo, Labradoodle, Puggle and Schnoodle are just a few of the names given by dog owners to the puppies of an unscheduled night on the town. Gone are the newspaper ads reading "puppies - free to a good home". ... [ Read More ]

The Relationship Between Sex And Sleep


The Relationship Between Sex And Sleep written by: Nicole Miller There has been a lot debate concerning the relationship between sex and sleep. Although most people believe that there is relationship between the two, there are some who believe that sleep and sex do not have any relationship at ... [ Read More ]

Kids bed comforters


Kids bed comforters   Babies and kids have comforters and sometimes adults get annoyed because the children become reliant on the comforters. The only way a baby or child can get a comforter is if an adult/carer allows it and nurtures the reliance. To make matters not so urgent if the comforter ... [ Read More ]

Money worries


Money worries   Let’s face it - money ruins marriages, causes huge amount of stress and this doesn’t stop when we sleep. We don’t worry all day and then sleep about being the king of a castle! No, it grabs us and consumes us day and night so if we want to dream about it raining money we need to ... [ Read More ]

Goodnight Quotes

Goodnight Quotes By Jim Hana The concept of Good night quotes are cute and sweet. When one receives a such a sweet dream quote they feel loved and appreciated. Something as simple as saying "goodnight, sweet dreams" changes a person mood for the better. They are even better than flowers because they ... [ Read More ]

My garage door went up by itself at night


The thought of being safe and sound in my bed, but my garage door being left up, sends shivers up and down my spine. A few weeks ago I was tired and it was late and I think I was just asleep when the sound of my garage door, going up and down, made me jump out of bed quicker than imaginable; I ... [ Read More ]

How to Stop Waking Up at 3:00am

How to Stop Waking Up at 3:00am Worrying About Not Having Enough By Judy K. Katz What if you could cut the strings to your fight/flight, self-protecting survival habits that are not serving you? Actually, these habit patterns are repelling your prosperity and abundance, your peace and harmony with ... [ Read More ]

Sleep life away


Sleep life away   Sometimes if you continually wake up too late and start your day it might seem like you sleep your life away or your day away at least. However, if you are on holidays give yourself a break – this is healthy. Some families have pyjama days and this means everyone stays ... [ Read More ]

Depression is worse at night

I guess for people who don’t suffer depression it makes sense that depression may be worse at night because it is harder to be around lots of energetic people at night, if that helps, and the sun is not out and sometimes the nights can seem long. There are approximately 900,000 suicides a year ... [ Read More ]

Sleeping Around On Tinder


Sleeping Around On Tinder guest post   There are tens of different matchmaking mobile apps and websites that you can use to find somebody, but perhaps none of them is as appealing as Tinder, which seems to be the latest trend in adult dating. In a nutshell, Tinder is a matchmaking mobile ... [ Read More ]

Separate beds


Separate beds   Yes the separate beds debate again! A lot of younger couples are doing it and sometimes they have only been married a short time. Some people would think: Wow are you about to divorce??? You say no – we just have separate beds – that is all. Really, people wouldn’t understand ... [ Read More ]

Throw out your loofah tonight


Or soak it in a disinfectant to kill the bacteria. Yes bleach will do it, but you might have a natural alternative to use. A loofah is helpful to exfoliate dead bacteria skin cells, however, if it is full of bacteria it can leave skin rashes. It is important to keep mould under control in your ... [ Read More ]

Lovely Good Morning SMS


Lovely Good Morning SMS By Fatima Waheed You can wake up your lovely ones, friends and relatives using the best good morning SMS. These are short good morning messages that seek to start off the day of a loved one in a sober mood. They are used to express the affection and the way you would want ... [ Read More ]

Don’t good night text that


Your girlfriend looks beautiful and instead of telling her at dinner – you text her later how beautiful she looked. If your lucky your girlfriend might just think you are sweet or she may think: “Why didn’t he man-up and say it when we were out?” Girls also do it and text things that would have been ... [ Read More ]

Bullying in schools


The worries children hold If we are okay then our children will be okay. If we show children how to respect friends and treat them, then hopefully children will follow our good example. I hear so many stories about kids being cruel to other kids. Children see bullying as power and they think this is ... [ Read More ]