The quiet night time pondering

The things people do at night probably varies so much, but at some time in the night, even if it is only for a short time, many people would enter quiet night pondering. This is when thoughts take over and your time is spent thinking about whatever your mind thinks about and it is probably the ... [ Read More ]

Stay home with kids if you are tired


Ask a young mother what she does when she is feeling tired and I think even the question might be overwhelming. However, when we are tired and exhausted we have to look after ourselves and be sensible when making decisions of what to do and when. I remember when my daughter was young and I think at ... [ Read More ]

Do revitalising products really work?

I received an email a day ago from RIMMEL and it read: Wake up, Shaz and meet your new morning must-have! Our Wonder’Full Wake Me Up mascara is packed with vitamins and cucumber extract - a revitalising formula that will leave your eyes looking wide awake and energised (whatever time you went to ... [ Read More ]

How Idea Sex Can Make You a Fortune!


Now that I have your attention, I just read an really interesting article by James Altucher called “The Ultimate Guide for Becoming an Idea Machine”. You can read it HERE  - be warned it is a very longggg article but well worth reading until the end, James says, near the beginning, that it is Ok if ... [ Read More ]

Oh yes–a message from my boyfriend


You lie awake wondering why he hasn’t sent a message and whether you sent too many and what you should do and finally you hear that long awaited message noise and it’s your mobile provider texting you! Years ago, women sat by the  letter box or the phone on the wall and while the means has ... [ Read More ]

How long should a bed-time routine take?


In an ideal world, I would think as a productive parent, the ideal bedroom routine of teeth, cuddles and a nice chat would take fifteen or 20 minutes. After doing research this definitely varies, but I would say on average it takes about 35 minutes. The inclusions vary, for some this includes the ... [ Read More ]

5 things on the checklist before bed


A checklist before bed to cover your safety, cleanliness and power-saving needs and of course your loving needs. 1. Are the kids tucked in and are they safe from the toys around them? Check to make sure there are no lego pieces or small toy parts that little ones could pop into their mouths or nose! ... [ Read More ]

Still bored in the bedroom?


Of course there are boring books to read to fix the 'being bored in the bedroom problem', but the answer is in doing something away from the bedroom scene and with your partner. I would suggest saying to your partner: "Let's do something you want to do today and tomorrow or next weekend we will do ... [ Read More ]

Movie review: Inside Out


**** (out of a possible 5) released in Australia on June 18, 2015 This movie is PG and is safe for any age (a tiny bit of dark lighting in one section), however, for understanding I think the viewer needs to be at least 10-years-old. The story is about 11-year-old Riley , who moves her Midwest life ... [ Read More ]

Getting little girls dressed made easy


Sometimes getting kids dressed in the morning can be challenging, but when the dresses are made with love and only the best quality, I think even the fussiest girls will be delighted. Andie Rose Designs are made locally in Queensland, Australia, by a Mum of two gorgeous girls. Designer Tina ... [ Read More ]

RSVP tips for real cupids out there


A few years ago, this blog would have been about how to respond politely to a party invitation, however, now it is about: What do I write? Who do I say yes to? Who do I say no to? Am I being too fussy? Is he a player? Is she too old? Is he too hairy?! I have a lot of friends on RSVP and while I ... [ Read More ]

Aussie females love pyjamas in winter


A current survey has revealed that when winter hits in Australia, women love to buy new wintery pyjamas to get them through! Every month, on average about 248,000 Australians are buying women's sleep-wear. This survey was conducted by Roy Morgan Research between April 2010 and March 2015. However, ... [ Read More ]