Viagra good for the heart too


Researchers are now saying the amazing blue pill used to treating impotence in men, by increasing blood flow to the penis, may also be the key to protecting the heart from cardiovascular diseases. There continues to be a lot of research on the link between erectile dysfunction and heart health as ... [ Read More ]

‘Gone Girl’ movie review


Drama, mystery and thriller, are the tags being given to the movie at cinemas now: ‘Gone Girl’. It is directed by David Fincher and the book and screenplay are by Gillian Flynn. Ben Affleck, who was Nick,  played the husband whose wife went missing and Rosamund Pike, was Amy, the wife. Nick had a ... [ Read More ]

Aussie jockey dies


Yesterday, apprentice jockey, Caitlin Forrest, suffered horrific injuries, which led to her death, when her mount Colla Voce fell, and she was hit by a pack of horses. Forrest, 19, who brought down three other horses during her fall, at a Murray Bridge Gold Cup near Adelaide, was reportedly ... [ Read More ]

kids doing too much after school


Does your son or daughter do too much? This is an important question to ask yourself and your child. If you as the parent can manage it financially and time wise and the child is happy to put in the effort and is still balancing the work/play balance – then what is the problem? Well, there is no ... [ Read More ]

Spend 10 minutes a day on sex


People don’t really talk about sex being less than ideal, but the reality is, like everything in life, it can’t be the best every time. However, what is important is that it is great some of the time. Having dinner out is sometimes the best night ever and other times okay and other times a disaster ... [ Read More ]

Australian nurse is a hero and Ebola free


An Australian nurse, thought to have the Ebola virus, has been cleared and now the focus can be on the amazing work Sue-Ellen Kovack has done, treating patients, in the Ebola hotspot Sierra Leone. The 56-year-old returned to Australia last weekend after being in Sierra Leone for a month as a Red ... [ Read More ]

Hilda receives love letter after 68 years


Hilda Winspear was reminded today of the true and special love she shared with her husband. “Gosh, it makes me pinch myself to find out I’m not dreaming dear, as I can’t believe it is really true you are going to be my wife,” he wrote. A lost love letter sent by a soldier to his fiancée 68 ... [ Read More ]

I need to work at night

There are many ways to work at night, but not everyone is suitable to every type of work! Which one could you do to improve your future? 1. study 2. housework 3. write 4. take day work home 5. bake 6. sew 7. create 8. build 9. night shift employment 10. other?_________________ ... [ Read More ]

The perfect work-life balance

Who is getting that perfect work life balance then? Well, only an individual knows that and even then I am not sure if anyone gets it right all of the time. I think parents who provide a good grounding for kids, and give them a healthy eating and sleeping routine, can set the kids up to create a ... [ Read More ]

Clooney marries again


53-year-old George Clooney married 36-year-old Lebanese-British Lawyer, Amal Alamuddin, in Venice, on the weekend. And this is after he vowed never to take this road EVER again! Kentucky-born Clooney, who owes his stardom to the television series, ER, vowed never to remarry after his 1993 divorce ... [ Read More ]

46 days until G20 Summit Brisbane


Friday, November 14, 2014 is a one-off public holiday for people who work in the Brisbane local Government area, but more importantly, is the lead up to the G20 Summit.The G20 Leaders’ Summit is known as the world’s primary forum for global economic cooperation and decision making. The Summit will ... [ Read More ]

Look for the smiles when co-parenting


All those parents who co-parent these days can count their lucky stars; I co-parent and I think of all of the positive things my life now has: 1. A beautiful well-adjusted 10-year-old daughter. 2. A person I can still seek parenting advice from. 3. A better platform for discussion because ... [ Read More ]

Brisbane’s 2014 Climate change march


  Thousands of people from Brisbane took part in 2014 Climate Change march.   The People's Climate March is an international day of climate action, coinciding with the Ban Ki-Moon Emergency UN Climate Summit in New York, culminating in 2500 marches in 160 countries. The March just ... [ Read More ]

Fisher Post


Well, what an inspiration: the Huffington Post and not to mention the founder Arianna Huffington. The Huffington Post was founded in May 2005. Arianna, is a Greek-American Author, and has had her fair share of political involvement, however, is most known for news website the Huffington Post. I have ... [ Read More ]

She hit send in lover frustration


A friend was lying awake and she wanted to text a lover, but she knew she shouldn’t because the lover was with his wife and it was possible the phone was in their room. Julia was playing with the idea because she was cranky that her lover didn’t get another phone and number so she could text ... [ Read More ]