Every time you sleep you become smarter


The fact that we are even reading such topics about sleep deprivation means we are taking steps to avoid it. It is estimated that about 80% of normal people in the population will eventually have hallucinations if sleep-deprived long enough and along with that comes paranoia! However, most of us ... [ Read More ]

Which colour do you sleep best with?


Well, you might think of white fluffy clouds and think white is the perfect sleeping colour and then because it is dark when you sleep, maybe black is the correct colour. However, pink is the perfect colour and not because of the actual colour, but because of the even distribution of noise that it ... [ Read More ]

Natural verses unnatural nappers


Sometimes a nap during the day is a must, but then when you have to wake, you wished you hadn’t because you feel horrible! If you wake up feeling horrible it is probably because you are not a natural napper!! Natural nappers don’t tend to fall into a deep sleep and this is why they wake feeling ... [ Read More ]

The death penalty for two Aussies

We don’t have the death penalty in Australia and even though Australian authorities tipped Indonesia off about a drug scandal, because bringing drugs into Indonesia will not be tolerated, the highest price possible for such a crime, death, will be charged. Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan, members ... [ Read More ]

For and against sharing a bed


I have recently read lots of material stating more and more couples are opting to sleep in separate beds and the main reason being: they get a better night of sleep. And no doubt, until you are used to the person and work out bits and pieces, it might seem awkward for a while. However, isn’t this ... [ Read More ]

Five sure ways to ruin a good sleep


1. Have worries in your head. 2. If you have had an argument and it is unresolved. 3. If you have eaten sugary, processed foods quite late. 4. A late afternoon nap! 5. A restless partner! How to help combat these issues: 1. Write your worries down so they are not in your head. 2. Say sorry ... [ Read More ]

Intruders when you wake


So, if an intruder is lurking around your house, the most sensible thing to do is to pretend you are asleep, but only if you are the only one in the house. If you have kids, you have to make sure they are safe. However, if you think the intruder is just about finished, do you just pray that your ... [ Read More ]

Deleting all texts from him


All that he needed to do was send a nice good night text and both partners would have had a blissful sleep. However, some people choose the most inconvenient times to send a rude, angry or hurtful text and it sets off emotions and the nice day ahead or sleep is ruined! Well, do you want people ... [ Read More ]

Fatigue causes death again

The morning after Valentines Day 2015, a family is tragically torn apart as fatigue is suspected as the cause of a fatal car crash. About 6.30am a family of five were half-an-our from their Mt Gambier home, in Victoria, when their car collided into a large gum tree. The crash occurred near Lake ... [ Read More ]

Are you sleeping with a cheat?


A friend said the other day that she is not sure that it is true about all of the affairs that people say happen at work. It would be nice if it wasn’t true, but in reality only a small handful get caught! Often the only thing stopping us from forgiving our spouse is the shame and trust factor. To ... [ Read More ]

Keep that wine bottle


Wine bottles are not only enjoyable while full, but also when empty! Here are some good tips so you don’t have to throw away that classy bottle: 1. A plant feeder. Fill the bottle up with water and put the bottle’s neck into your favourite plant to keep it watered - just put a spike on the end and ... [ Read More ]

The quickest way to sleep


I was asked if there was one way to sleep quickly what would it be – was it clean sheets, a certain drink or food? There are many factors which effect sleep, but there is one factor that ensures a way to get to sleep the quickest. I believe the way to a quick sleep is through breathing in and out ... [ Read More ]

Delete and don’t send some texts


Some good morning or goodnight texts, or any texts actually, should be filtered and not sent. If you need to write it to get off some steam then do so and delete; this is probably safer on paper, but just remember the correct button to hit! A text that was sent, but really needed to be re-thought ... [ Read More ]

Goodnight text tips for teens


Sometimes when you are using a device so often it is easy to forget the safe way to play. One way to judge whether the text is appropriate is ask yourself would you like to receive it? Some other tips: 1. Is the time (to send the text) appropriate? 2. Is my language appropriate? 3. Am I being ... [ Read More ]

5 hard good night texts to receive


Sometimes receiving a text can be stressful; especially if you are wanting a particular response. 5 hard good night texts to receive: 1. Nothing when you expect an answer/response. 2. One word when you expect an explanation. 3. A no when you were hoping for a yes. 4.  And when you thought ... [ Read More ]