Marijuana isn’t a sedative

Research has found that marijuana can cause sleep problems and the early people start taking the drug the worse it is for some, according to a recent report released in the American Academy Sleep Journal. Sleep challenges potentially linked to marijuana use include difficulty falling asleep, ... [ Read More ]

Work, rest and play

Rest and Play….not work, rest and play (Mars Bar advertisement..for those who remember!) I found an interesting definition from the Queensland Health website.  The website described sleep as a state of consciousness that happens every 24 hours. Sleep is also a period of rest and recuperation for ... [ Read More ]

How to teach kids sleep importance

This bedtime story by Mo Willems is for children just starting school and into their second or third school year. It is a fun and interactive story to help explain why we need sleep. Mo Willems has won six Emmy Awards for his writing. In the story the pigeon makes lots of excuses about not ... [ Read More ]

Misreading good night texts


Misreading good night texts   If you read a good night text and it sends you ballistic maybe you also went ballistic that day because the same fly wouldn’t buzz off, the timer didn’t go off for the lasagne, your friend didn’t give you the right response when you said what you did on the ... [ Read More ]

My teacher fell asleep Mummy


If your child came home and said: “Mum my teacher fell asleep at her desk today” I don’t think your comment would be: “Oh that is nice sweet!” This is not something we want to hear, but be careful not to react to your child’s observation on one incident. The context is very important and I think ... [ Read More ]

How many sleeps til royal baby arrives

The sleep team: The unofficial date of July 13 has passed and now the media just wait for the royal bundle to arrive. The Palace has only ever reported that the baby was due in July sometime. The arrival of the new heir to the throne will also be announced via a formal notice on an easel in the ... [ Read More ]

How to Flirt With Guys With Text Messages

How to Flirt With Guys With Text Messages By Crystal C. Scott Flirting with guys is no longer limited to the face-to-face connection; in fact nowadays it can be done virtually anywhere. But just like flirting done face-to-face, flirt done through text messages takes finesse as well. If it is not ... [ Read More ]

Texting saved my marriage


Can texting improve or ruin your relationship happiness? It depends on your purpose of communication. If couples use texting to say sweet things like: “I miss you”, "”how are you”, “you are cute”, “you are special to me” this can really lift both people’s spirits; especially if it is hard to ... [ Read More ]

Goodnight Sexting


Goodnight Sexting written by: Gerald01 With the advent of the internet and modern technology, sexting has become part of our lives. From college girls with their teenage boyfriends to husbands and wives although to some this is still a touchy subject. However, sexting can add some spice to your ... [ Read More ]

Mother’s Day sleep in


Mother’s Day sleep in I think Mother’s Day rates more important than Father’s Day and I guess that is okay – women can have this one. It is has been officially celebrated since 1908 and while people can always find negative things about anything – it can be and usually is for most - a lovely ... [ Read More ]



5 simple steps to meditation   Sometimes just the thought of something new is stressful. Someone might say have you tried this and that and you just hear the gigantic word like ‘meditation’ and say: “ no and I don’t want to!” While I have your attention…meditation is just a big word for ... [ Read More ]

10 things good night might really mean

10 things good night might really mean   1. I don’t want to play games 2. I am sick of talking 3. I need space 4. I am tired 5. I should have stayed in a hotel 6. It is too noisy out here 7. the kids are too much 8. I don’t feel well 9. I want to read 10. I want to go on my phone or ... [ Read More ]

How to stay awake when you feel tired


How to stay awake when you feel tired   Of course it depends where you are and whether you can have a quick shut eye, but if you cannot try some of these suggestions: 1. hold your eyes open 2. shake your arms and legs 3. Get some fresh air 4. move around 5. engage in conversation with someone ... [ Read More ]

Understanding Dreams And Their Messages

By Christina Sponias Many people still ignore how important the meaning of dreams really is because there are too many impostors pretending to be able to decipher the dream messages. The global ignorance about the importance of dreams is the result of numerous distortions based on suppositions. ... [ Read More ]

Sleeping kids provides rest for all

Brain rest for parents   THOSE parents who don’t use night-time as their sanctuary might be on brain over-drive! The amount of times we say our kid's names, tell them the answer to the world’s oil crisis or the like, say yes or no or maybe, help them do a million things, mentally, we ... [ Read More ]

Tricks for sleep


Tricks for sleep   When kids go away together or even a bunch of adults – a lot of us think about playing tricks while people sleep. Here a some fun ideas: 1. put a shower cap on their head 2. paint their toe nails 3. place a teddy with the person and take photos 4. If the bed is movable ... [ Read More ]

Pets and exercise and sleep


Pets and exercise and sleep    Pets are the biggest motivation for a healthy life. The human must take the initiative, however, it often isn’t too hard to motivate animals as they love attention. Dogs can learn at any age, and like humans, it’s just old habits that are hard to break!  ... [ Read More ]